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Footnotes: I think the second panel is important where it states that she couldn't eat the shit that they ate. What that means is that she can do the things they do, that I couldn't do the things that they did in Harte Hanks CRM Services UK. The whole notion of the title Down Below reflects the concept that you are down in a dark dismal death trap dungeon. And in the third panel they beat her with clubs which is essentially something that happened everyday at Harte hanks CRM Services UK. Its so hard to explain, which is why I wrote this story, but they beat you and then try to mimic the whole process of being your friend, like they expect your will to give in, but similarly to the way that Russian was so vast a country in the second world war when invaded by Germany, they just cant drive their offensive far enough in for it to have an effect. Thats anothetr analogy that you'll just have to figure out but it works for me. Essentially Harte Hanks CRM Services UK employ a multicultural and diverse group of people which at face value is a good thing, but in reality what that means is that no one can relate to anyone else, unless they compromise their own values. It works ok for idiots like if you were beggers from delhi or convicted criminal or geriatric cunts looking for a last stab at life, but for a fresh aspiring young graduate its a death sentence. Incidently I thought I would look at their employement blurb which I found here:

Harte-Hanks strives to offer its employees an interesting, challenging and rewarding work experience. Our success is predicated on the dedication, growth, quality and service of our employees, which our customers have come to expect. Our customers are our number-one priority. Through the contributions of each employee, we are better able to serve our customers while making our workplace a better place to be. We welcome your consideration of Harte-Hanks. Please contribute and share in our success.

I thought it was interesting how they say that thier customers are their number one priority. it was like they were certainly feeding their customers, at their employees expence. They would treat the clients very well, clients who in general were shit for brains women or ass hole 'marketing' managers who also had shit for brains who would come in for coffee and free food, waltzing about in their fancy cars like they were not notch executives talking out of their ass and shitting all over the Harte Hanks CRM Services UK employees etc. I loose my train of thought trying to think of suitable adjectives. In short, Harte Hanks CRM Services UK certainly put their customers first. The employees were not allowed to talk to the customers, or at least I wasn't, and they would walk around listening in to what you were doing. Now if I walked around a warehouse watching peasants packing boxes and chit chatting loudly about the size of my asshole I would understand the issues, people would be enraged, walking around like a managing director, commenting on the quality and efforts of minimum wage employees, but at Harte Hanks thats exactly what they did, they would even beat you before the client came in so they could see that you were fucked, like sociual canabilism, like Harte Hanks CRM Prison Services UK. Point being that they are cunts. I think getting back to the comic that another parrelel is the way the flower dies. She is the flower and she died. They want the flowers to impress the customers, or rather demonstrate their power over the flowers, their supremacy over weaker creatures. Just to add, In retrospect most companies put their EMPLOYEES first and then go out to get business. The employee being part of the company is a vital asset, you wouldn't have a company let the cutomers damage your building or steal all your equipment, but at Harte Hanks CRM Services UK the employees were expendable, like slaves.

etcetc. Working in places like that scars you, and in panel whatever up there, she has the slime of their existence all over her. Her clothes were covered with the putrid slime that covered their land. This means that you feel like shit and look like shit. At 33 years of age I should have been designing system foe an engineering company, not sitting next to the daughter of a spastic Britsh retared whatever listening to their uneducated, 16 year old shit as they witter about the TV and the crap they do everyday. It stains you, you walk down the road fealing shit, and it stains. Your 'colleagues', I cant even type the word friend their, are retards, they are indians, blacks, 'internationals', criminals, uneducated and such. In the cold light of day they might be OK, but to work with they are hopeless, and you cant, and it leaves you feeling shit. I have pictures of me from those times and its so dispering because you can see the dispair, you can see the pain they caused. Its because they fill your mind with them. The major point of FORCING peopale to work together is that you mix them up, you might as well as them to all share each others blood, but if one of them, or all of them are diseased then your going to catch that diesease. Because you are all together you think of them. The mind is sacred and how it works is your own personal business, but companies like Harte Hanks CRM Services UK want to fuck that up, and they do. She Screamed To Get THe Images out of her mind. Even to this day I can still see their fucking ugly faces. When ever i'm having a hard time of life I can hear them and see them beinf shit, and as I live on my own with no love thats a very damaging and terrible thing to have. When you work you should have pleasent memories, but they took me for the equivelent of 10 minutes and downloaded shit into my head which will cause me pain forever and ever and downloaded nothing good.

And to conclude, when the flower died, they actually have the audacity to blame her and beat her some more. Like when you dont want to go to the pub with people that beat you severly they accuse you of being antisocial, and even put it on your record that you refuse to be friendly and such. I look forward to the day that Harte Hanks is DEAD.