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Footnotes: This was a strip that I thought up one lunch time in a shit hole that I worked in called Harte Hanks CRM Services UK. I remember it quite clearly, I was sat next to some fag idiot type guy, he was the sort of person I was forced to sit next to as a friend, like it was a luxury or something. In fact, whilst he was 'nice', he was the sort of person I did not want to know. At places like that you have to sit next to who you are told to sit next to, and they justify it by saying that they need to build teams and have to make do with what they have, but I never got put next to what I needed in my team, a cute girl, only fags and retarded idiots. In fact, thinking about it, there were alot of fags in thwt company, in fact there were alot of disfunctional people, but they promote that kind of activity because its not a threat to their way of life, especially if you cant have children, they dont want to see you at the school gate collecting your kids. However, I digress.

I thought this strip up in a lunch break, I wrote the whole thing, and I didn't actually draw it for 6 months. Essentially is the story of me in that company. It could be anywhere, but its the story of a quality person taken from her home, her rightful place and sentenced to terror disguised as normalsy. It ends up with the statement that she should be happy, she could still be lost in the wood, which is the analogy for the fact that the young people that Harte Hanks CRM Services UK pick up could be still unemployed. Whilst i'm not a girl, I think its quite clear that she doesn't belong there, and that I didn't belong in Harte Hanks CRM Services UK. She will never be able to be their friend, its clear in this storyline. But like Harte hanks CRM Services UK they have the argument that she should be happy because she can now make new friends and therefore they are justified in holding her.

Its also important to note that the place is full of shit and rotten carcases and dieases which is what Harte Hanks CRM Services UK was. Everywhere I looked I was repulsed, depressed, demoralised and all sorts, its the sort of environment where you cant actually breathe. All you can do is sit there and hope it all goes any, or try to get out of there.

Its a shame that this strip was done before I changed my style to that of focussing on drawing cute people well. I probably put more effort into drawing the demons than drawing her. Even her wings are rubbish, they look more like demon wings. She was supposed to look like the sort of fairy that you find in clip art, lithe, dainty, cute and suh, but she looks a bit awkward, but still, it does the job.