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Footnotes: I like the art on this page. It does suffer a little from being too complex, resulting in some of the detail in the first panel being unclear. I think thats an issue with all my stuff though, but you cant really see the peasents walking into the church, or you cant see the detail, their faces etc. I remember doing this page quite clearly as each panel was taking about 6 hours!!!!! or more, either way it was taking forever, however, the last panel took about 20 minutes. I was so releaved. I often get scared when things take that long, I feel that I should be spending far longer on them. Also, the last panel has a first, some Tony Millionaire inspired clouds, he does his clouds like that in Maakies, and I coppied the style. I've been drawing clouds like that ever since as well. If you go back to the first page you can even see how I used to draw clouds!!!!! Such an improvement!!!!