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Footnotes: This is a song by Leon Rosselson, it's actually called Diggers or The Diggers Song. In fact it was written in the late 1600's and had like thousands of verses, but Leon Rosselson redid it. It's always been a real get up and feel motivated effect on me, and one of my favorates. I must admit, I dont actually support the plight of the diggers, but the sentiments are spot on. I had a bit of difficulty thinking up what to show for each panel, primarily because the song in my minds eye is flawless, and onceyou put images to a legend, you run the risk of spoiling it. I dont know, I think I did an OK job. My only worry is that people might not understand it, people who arn't familiar with the song itself. I changed the name because when I researched the song, I discovered a whole bunch of printed material that was written by the leader of the diggers, amazing that they could write even, and the were entitled such, as well as other titles such as The Concept Of Freedom, and A declaration To The King Of England Regarding The Rights Of Humans. Very powerful titles written by an old soldier from the New Model Army or Cromwells troop, I can never descide. Anyway, it's important to remember that 1649 was the year that the cavaliers overthrew the english Monachary and made england a Republic. Cromwell was in Parliament and the idea was that there should be a common wealth for the people of England, but greed and corruption destroyed all that and even cromwell gave a speach stating his disappointment that after all the blood spilled to change things for the better, nothing much had changed. Anyway, if it interests you, then read abouut it, surf the net, it's an amazing period of history.

If I remember rightly, I drew this around the Christmas period when I was rushing to complete Galump 21. As such, I think it is slitly rushed, well not slightly rush, but less inspired than it should have been, The wide panels were designed to match the verses, but I dont think the pictures really fit, I think I struggled with the wide images, or at least it looks that way. Of course the challenge is to create images that support the imagery of the lyrics and dont dictate a moral or philosophy that overrides the lyrics. It's actuall yimpossible, but I think I did OK. Plus drawing wasteland was difficult!!!!! I actully spent alot of time researching this piece and the clothing is all sort of authentic the wide hats, the agricultural tools, and the manor house. I spent about 2-3 hours sufing the web looking for a manor house like the one in the last panel. THe times were typifies by tall windows and chimneys. Note the sacks with Parsnips, corn, carrots and beans. Those were the crops the diggers were trying to grow!!!!! Also note the last panel, i'm not sure whose giving who what!!!! You know, surely it should be the other way round, but hell, these things happen!!!!