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Footnotes: I have always been very certain about my own social imprisonment. This image was something I had been thinking about for a long time. The idea that people in England could be imprisoned in their own home. I'm not talking about by accident or general curcumstance, but by deliberate actions of employers and 'friends'. These people have no access to support, no one to agree with them about their terrible position. I believe that being single is a terrible terrible way to die, but to be surrounded by people that think you dodeserve better because if you had a partner they would feel stupid is evil. This image reflects a person imprisoned within society writing on the wiondow as a cry for help with a clear message. Legaise freedom legalise justice. Speking you mind is not legal in England. If you say, I hate the governamnt, then you are a terrorist. If you say you hate you manager then you are causeing trouble. If you say youu hate the thugs in the street then you get beaten up. i'm not saying we should deliberatly cause trouble, but there is such a thing as oppression where a society of people are trying to create a reality where they are stealing from you but as they walk amongst you you can not say so. They employ people but they wont employ you. They direct girls, but you'll never meet them. They manage rented accomodation, and bully boys. It all happens, its happened to me, and its terrible, but this image is all the more important now because the internet has really stopped all that. Now we can easily escape those types of death camps. We can even get clubs and sticks to attak back now. ooops, shouldn't say that, makes me a terrorist... This image is a sad reminder of how unhappy I have been FOREVER. I should have been happy. I should have had someone to love and who would love me, but I dont, I have nightmares,, broken bones and mental traumas. The the tyrantsa are still there, in power soley because they own land, property and routes to money, and the freedom that affords, keeping the working class down, stopping them from meeting people that might better their lives, like people of similar quality. Instead all I ever got was retard placements in warehouses and call centers, a life on the dole on my own and a life amonst the enemy. But I still have the reciept, as detailed above, for tax purposes.