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Footnotes: This cover was inspired by the charts used for the shipping forecast. I just wanted to do something fairly complex and interesting and the lay out of the shipping forecast zones always appealed to me. I got it out of an old library book. In the old days if you wanted anything you had to go to the library. Wow, such bad times. Of course its all there for the taking now on the internet. I also wanted an ISDN number so I took one off of a tin of beans. The idea was that it would make the comic look more professional. Also, I started Galumph off at number 16 to make it look more established. I think in retropsect its a fairly crap cover, however, my objectives were different then as all I was trying to do was keep to a schedule. I see there on the page above the number 16 the date, October 1995. I can only conclude that my life is wasted.