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Footnote: So thats it. I sort of drew Courtisan as a holiday piece. I had initial thoughts of drawing a woman sleeping, thats what I wanted to do but after a page I realised that that would be too boring for four pages, but I didn't really know what else to do. I didn't want to make any obvious points or deliver a message, but I wanted it to be worth reading. I think what i've done is OK. I like the way she gets dressed, I like the way she smokes. I suppose she could have washed, put on her shoes and brushed her hair, but this isn't factual, just a journy into the realms of beauty. Maybe its too much, maybe I shouldn't focus so close, I dont know. I drew it very quickly, in a few hours, it took a lot longer to ink. The thing is that I have really great ideas, or ideas that seem great at the time, but the process of putting thm into play is so slow. Its like it takes two hundred years to play a whim. I have so many ideas, and some are better than others. The fact that I did courtisan is just chance really, chance that at the time I had the energy and motivation to carry that whim through. It could have been anything else, but it was Courtisan and now my whole comic has been shaped, slightly by the fact. The balance has been altered such that the way people percieve my work will be slightly different to what it would have been if I had actually done another strip. Anyway, back to the story. I dont think it matters what she did, its like, if you want to stare at a girl, you'll stare, it doesn't matter what they do. Also, something that slipped my tongue above, I always find it inconcievable that cute girls actually exist, that they wake up everyday and gaze at the same clouds that I do, see the same moon, the same world, and yet for all intense and purposes they might as well live on Mars. Its this fact that makes even the most mundane thought or activity so interesting, ie, waking up. I'm at the stage now where I sort of feel confident with my art, and i'm faced with the question of what to do with it, what stories to prioritise. I'm so ahead of schedule, theres only 7 pages left to do this year, and 5 months to do them in. Having a progress chart on page one is really motivating me. I keep looking at it and thinking, wow, I could complete Octobers workload in June if I only do another page. At this rate I might finish Galumph 22 within 2 months, or in September. Last year I was way behind, I thought it was the end. Most important thing to note is that because I posted Courtisan Page 3 late last nigh, or early this moring, posting Page 4 now means i've posted 2 pages on the same day.