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Footnote: Bit more of a challenging page. Bit concerned about panels 7 & 8 as its supposed to look like shes fumbling through a pack of cigarettes, not pruning a tree of filing her nails, still, I guess it doesn't matter. No major anatomical disasters, but please dont look too hard at the coffee table in panel 7. Its supposed to have ornate legs and an undulating outline. In effect it looks more like a large jelly. Buthey, the girl looks cute in most of the panels. OK, I was trying o make her look hot, but i'll settle for cute as a suitable alternative to daft. I am actually quite happy with this age. Been doing it all day. Well, since 2pm and its 1am now, so thats like 11 hours non stop. Well, I stop between panels for a quick surf on the internet. I do it in 2 phases. I tighten up the pencils, then surf, then I ink, then I surf, then I tighten up pencils etc. The little break allows me to almost return afresh to see if the pencils are anygood. I had a real battle with panel 6. Not that its that hard, but I did all the pencils and had a surf, when I got back I realised that the side draw and scirting board where parrallell to the horizontal, but that the head board was as it is, ie, the perspective was stuffed, so I had to do it all again. I'm glad I spotted it before I inked. Yeah, i'm happy with that. Oh yeah, something else about this page. Obviously i'm trying for erotic, but I find it intriguing that shes putting on her clothes, as opposed to taking them off. Notice how Ipreserve her modesty by obscuring her nakedness.