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Footnote: I'm a bit happier with this piece. I like the last panel. Its all sort of abstract really, the story and the sequence is all kind of secondry to the hunt for the image that demonstrates a pure beauty. In an ideal worl they would all do that, but i'm straining my own ability, and I dont really know what i'm doing. I sort of like to think that if I had never seen my work before I would be amazed, but im so close that all I can see is the length of the nose, or the width of the mouth and i'm strain to get the outline of the face right, not too long, but not too fat. still, I am happy with this piece. Panel 6 was a nightmare, it was like 1am last night and I thought, hey, i'm speeding along quite nicely here, I can get through all of this. The fact that i'd been battling fatigue all day from having gotten up too early seemed irrelevent. I'm glad I left the last 4 panels until today as I felt on form adn I think I did a good job. Strngely enough, I feel like I could go on drawing this girl forever. I have a serious temptation to do another 4 page strip only having her just slowly undulating her body in a semi erotic dance, whilst stood on a coffee table in a bare, yet ornate room. It makes sense to me. Abstracting the purity of the 'erotic', to its base layer, getting rid of all excuses for script and words, embedding hundreds of paragraphs into the linework such that you can read a novel in her eyes, the litle dots, in her smirk or her stare. Like I say, I dont nessessarily have full control over what those hidden words would be, and I guess everyone would read them differently, but I feel like I can get close enough to create that kind of story that is worth creating, that those hidden words will be erotic, sensual or sexy. Thats sort of my hope. and strangest of all, thats all I sort of need. Thats enough for me, enough of a reason to do it. My regular stories are all about conveying a certain meaning, Partisan, Down Below, or 1000 Way, but here there is no objective. Anyway, thats that. I'm looking forward to continuing the good work. Onward, ever onward to lands and times and places not yet drawn.