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Footnotes: OK... This is weird. I was on holiday and I was in the library at the university were I stay when I go on holiday and I wanted to read a book. I had read all the art books and Ted Hughes poetry and everything so much so that I was at a loss with regards what to read. Anyway, I remember reading a book on beauty somewhere years ago and thought about doing the same again, although, not just beauty like cosmetic beauty, or a book on tits and arse or porn, but a book that purposly asked the question what is beauty? And I couldn't find a thing. There was no open internet in the library so it was just the library resources I was using, but there was nothing, not a thing, so I had the bright idea of doing my own study of beuaty which is what I have done. The whole approach has been not so much as to determine categorically what beauty is, but to provide a platform for wonder and thought on the issue. As such I focus on the images which I strive to make as beautiful as possible, with text that is purposfully rhetorical, such as , a girl must have full lips and curved cheeks, with eyes that are clear and a fresh complexion and lips that are even and slightly pouting and a jawline set delicatly to protrude about the neck.... Of course I have deliberatly defined the lips twice there as in reality, if you add it all up it doesn't make sense. As such it is more of a journey, based on imagery. The text is supposed to guide. It's more like a documentry where the narrator speaks generally about the situation and the viewer is enthralled mainly by the images. In my minds eye beuuaty is so understated, it's so much a commodity or something to beat other people with or something you get out of a tube. I also found that when I draw comics, they tend to come alive in my world, that is, when I was drawing Partisan, I kept nearly getting into fights and stuff and the same with other strips, so I decided to test this theory with The concept Of Beuaty to see if in reality loads of beautiful girls would follow, and they did, it's weird...... Not that I got any of them, but everywhere I looked, where there were thugs and enemies, I saw beautiful girls, in the supermarket, in the street, in my dreams, it was quite amazing. The concept of beauty is one of my favorates, but it's also very embarressing and I worry about the thin line between porn and decency and regular entertainement. Future episodes will be more word based as I want to make some other points outside of the rhetoric that I have mentioned above.

Regarding the art. When I drew this I was sort of trying to draw pretty girls, but I wasn't trying too hard. What I mean by that was that I was trying, but I didn't double check each image to determine if it was 'good enough', and as such alot of these images are sort of second rate really. Graphically that is. The image in the first panel is terrible and I think in either the original, or the photocopy I have removed alot of the 'extra' line work. Much of the page works, but really, I should have done panel 7 again. It says nothing and it looks crap.

Its 2 years since I actually did this and I actually think now that whilst the idea is grat, the execution is kind of flawed. primarily because of what I mentioned above. Each image should be special, and they're not, and as such the magic vanishes and the text which is absurd, becomes the main driver making it a bit laughable and embarassing in places. Still, I do like it.